Hi, I am Remco

I design products that people love to use and help organizations and creative teams in achieving their goals

I have 20+ years of experience as a designer, creative director and design lead at agencies, organisations and in freelancing. I can help you with

🎯 Design direction & strategy

I assist organizations to help them gain clarity on their project needs. Through collaborative sessions with stakeholders, we explore your goals, unique selling points, target audience definition, competitors and constraints, ensuring we tackle the real problem. I deliver impactful solutions, where your teams can build upon and with which your hours spend on development will be of the most value.

πŸš€ UX and visual design

Kickstarting a new project or in need of bringing your project to the next level? I love to make concepts, to design and prototype and to lead design sprints to bridge business objectives with end-users and internal teams. As part of a scrum team or independently, I work with a holistic yet pragmatic approach.

🀝 Setting up and scaling up creative teams

With a track record of launching a UX research department and nurturing an extensive design chapter, I am skilled at establishing and expanding creative teams. If you're seeking a Product Owner for your Design System team or a Design Lead for your Design chapter, feel free to reach out. I'm dedicated to fostering growth, collaboration and innovation to help you achieve your goals.

2019 β€” 2023
2008 β€” 2019
2001 β€” 2008


Golf.nl app

With over 300.000 downloads, the app Golf.nl has become an indispensable tool to accompany Dutch golf players on the golf courses.



A design system for a.s.r.

Speeding up your product shipment while keeping it consistent = design system. Initiating avocado, the design system by a.s.r. meant gaining support within the organisation and setting up the right team and processes.


At Fabrique, I created three pictograms for the NS to point out the spots where OV chip can be used. 

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