2008 — 2019

The agency years

After freelancing in illustration for quite some years, I switched to working for creative agencies. Developing skills in user experience, digital design and strategy, brand identity and art-direction. Working in creative teams for a variety of clients, pitching and presenting ideas, but most of all... working with a bunch of inspiring people. I learned a lot. 


The switch from freelance life to an agency was not a step I took lightly, but turned out to be golden. The urge I felt to work in and with teams took the upperhand. In 2008 I started at Fabrique, a creative agency located in Delft, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They had an impressive portfolio of clients so a new challenge was on. At Fabrique I worked for clients such as Albert Heijn, NS, the Tweede kamer and Bevrijdingsfestival. And besides, Fabrique was one of the first creative agencies to incorporate scrum in creative projects.

After nearly five years at Fabrique, I started working at Redhotminute - nowadays known as We Are You - in 2012. Redhotminute is a full-service agency, with a strong focus on e-commerce platforms. And allthough development was at the core of its business, they decided to invest in covering the whole chain, so I was the third designer to join the club. At Redhotminute I worked on projects for Van der Valk hotels, Holland Festival, North Sea Jazz in dedicated scrumteams, as well as in concept- and discovery teams.


Coming from an agency with 100+ employees, I was the first employee when I started at Laik in 2015. Situated in my hometown Rotterdam, I pitched for and worked on several websites, apps and campaigns with a high visual quality, keeping a strong focus on concept, photography and usability. Some of my best work I produced at Laik, including the native and web app for golf.nl, the corporate website for the NGF and digital rebrands for organisations such as Verwater and Infestos.

Starting in 2017, the last agency I worked for was Van Berlo, a renowned strategic product design company in Eindhoven and the Hague.  And by product design, I mean actual physical products. Careerwise, this may sound surprising, but these products also require digital control and interaction.  In a so far unknown world of product-fairs and patents, I worked together with brilliant minds in the earliest stage of innovation on projects such as oven interfaces and apps for smart building management.


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