2001 - 2008

Pushing pixelart in illustration, advertising and motion

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam - and partly in Berlin - I started my career as an illustrator under the name Panc using pixel art as the main style to express my visual language.


Illustration for Playboy magazine (2007)


Throughout my career in illustration, I worked for several magazines, such as Elsevier, Rails, Playboy and MAN: Magazine.


Work for NS campaign 'De langste trein' (2005)


Organisations such as Aegon, NS and Albert Heijn embraced my pixelart to market their products and services in campaigns.


Animation for MTV to promote Ceefax (2004)


What could possibly be better than pixels? Animated pixels! MTV, Hello You and KPN couldn't agree more.


David Bowie

Particularly proud of this one. My pixel interpretation of the album cover 'Low' by all-time hero Bowie. One-off print on canvas showcased at the gallery of Henk Schiffmacher in Amsterdam (2003). It was auctioned in 2004 to raise money for the victims of the 2004 tsunami link


The beauty of pixelart lies in its limitations. From the moment I worked with those square little beauties, I was sold. Building fantastic worlds, reimagining famous buildings and people and adding little jokes everywhere.


Editorial illustrations for MAN: Magazine (2002 / 2003)


Illustration for Hello You! magazine, consisting of 9 covers (2007 / 2008)

Now I know I can't lose
As long as you follow
I'm gonna win
I'm gonna beg, steal or borrow
As long as you follow

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