2019 — 2023

Leading digital design at a.s.r.

At a.s.r. - one of the major insurrance companies in the Netherlands - I coach and direct my team of 21 UX designers, visual designers and UX researchers and I am responsible for the creative policy for all communication digital.


Needless to say, my primary focus at a.s.r. is building, strengthening and improving the design team. 21 UX designers, visual designers and UX researchers are working for 10+ multi-disciplinary scrumteams, so it is key to have a shared way of working amongst each other.

The past two years, I initiated an a.s.r. design system, worked on maturing UX research within the organisation and reorganised our design toolkit in order to mature the organisation design-wise.

But most importantly, I am constantly working on creating an open and inspiring environment for the designers and researchers, so they are able to do what they do best: creating the best digital experiences for our customers.

Next to building the design team, creating the right standards, implementing discovery and design-thinking in our processes, organising design-sprints and integrating research throughout the entire design proces is helping me to achieve that goal.


Photo: Michael van Oosten


Scaling up design

The number of multi-disciplinary teams is growing steadily - and so is the design team - so we began initiating a design system for a.s.r.  early 2020. This all starts with gaining support from the organisation, setting up the right processes and teams and reevaluating the design toolkit.

Today, our design system Avocado is up and running, all designers are working with Figma and we are building the team while we continue to learn along the way.


Knowing what your users need

Since I started at a.s.r. one of my main objectives is incorporating research in our design processes. As we all tend to tackle problems from an inside-out perspective, it is essential to really know and breathe what needs, comforts, gains, motivations and problems our customers - and future customers - are dealing with.

Within the design chapter I am building a strong team of UX researchers, so we are capable to incorporate research in the earliest stages of the design proposals. Cutting out assumptions, reducing overhead and most of all, designing with the knowledge that these are the functionalities our users really need.


Masterclass 'UX design & Agile / Scrum'​

In March 2020, I was invited by Schaal+ to give a masterclass about UX design and agile / scrum.


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